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Mirco Bellagamba

Hi, I'm Mirco. I enjoy crafting quality software for people.

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Tagged “javascript”.

  1. Why is my React Component re-rendering?

    Discover 4 techniques to optimize React app performance, minimizing unnecessary component re-renders.

  2. How does React Router location.state works?

    Have you ever asked where React Router stores the location state?

  3. Implementing micro-frontends – A path to evolve legacy codebases

    Micro-frontends are the present and the future for scaling large client-side applications. Why should you implement this architectural style? Let’s dig into the reasons that led me and my team to adopt it.

  4. Testing Library Recipes - Choosing query

    Which query should I use? Testing Library provides many query methods but it's important to choose the right one for your context.

  5. Testing Library Recipes - Getting Started

    When developing a React.js front-end application, the React Testing Library is the officially recommended tool and it is the primary choice for many developers because it encourages good practices by enforcing not to test implementation details.

  6. JavaScript image compression and resizing

    Compress, resize and manipulate images directly in browser using JavaScript and avoid paying unnecessary costs for network bandwidth.

  7. Data fetching React Hook

    React Hooks can make data fetching easier by hiding the asynchronous state management required to handle HTTP requests.

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Mirco Bellagamba

Software engineer

Ancona, Italy
Mirco Bellagamba