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Mirco Bellagamba

Hi, I'm Mirco. I enjoy crafting quality software for people.

About me

Projects @Nautes.

  1. Feedbackloop logo

    HR tech platform for sending and receiving feedback between colleagues in a corporate environment
    The FeedbackLoop platform backing the React Native app is completely serverless and cloud native. I designed the AWS cloud architecture involving the orchestration of several services like AWS Lambda, RDS Aurora Serverless, S3, CloudFront, Cognito, CloudWatch, API Gateway, VPC. Lambda functions runs C# code on .NET Core runtime. The React Native app uses JavaScript, Redux, AWS Amplify, Styled Components, Jest, Enzyme.

  2. Esitur ios app logo
    Esitur ios app

    Tour operator app that allows you to connect with your travel organizer and other travelers
    I developed the native iOS app, using the Swift language and iOS Storyboards. Push notifications, image sharing and real time chat are some of the most interesting app capabilities.

  3. Imprinting logo

    An HR tech platform that allows top managers to share videos and receive feedbacks
    I designed and developed the AWS cloud serverless architecture made of C# lambda functions. Data is stored on DynamoDB, files and videos on S3. Videos are compressed using Elastic Transcoder.

  4. Toyota Web Interactive Dashboard logo
    Toyota Web Interactive Dashboard

    Data analytics platform showing complex charts with filters and several aggregation levels
    I designed and developed the REST API serving the React frontend to which I contributed partially. ASP.NET Web API heavily leverages Entity Framework and Linq. It also retrieves and processes data from an instance of Microsoft Analysis Services.

  5. GETApp Fradeani logo
    GETApp Fradeani

    The Guided Esthetic Treatment app is intended to guide the dentist through each step of the prosthetic treatment plan
    I developed the native iOS app using the Swift Language, Core Data, and UIKit. The core of this app is a dynamic set of linked forms. The following list is a requirements overview. 1. Each form is displayed only if the data on the previously completed forms meets some pre-conditions. 2. A form may depend on the data of some fields on previously filled in forms. 3. Each form needs to be validated before proceeding to the next form. 4. If updating an intermediate form, proceeding to the next step requires a cascade update. The solution I found is a completely platform independent recursive algorithm - we used the same algorithm for the Android app.

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